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Reading Practice 2: Greetings

Our final reading practice will be an exciting dialogue between Yuri and Yulia. They met at a party a week ago and talked for hours until the morning dawn. But Yuri has completely forgotten meeting her. First practice reading and listening to the word list. Then listen to the dramatic conversation to see how their relationship blossoms:

Word List
В at
университете university
Извените Excuse me, Sorry
вас you
Юлия Yulia (name)
Юрий Yuri (name)
здравствуйте Hello (formal)
зовут They call
Что Ты? What’s with you?
Меня Me
Kонечно Of course
Замечательно Marvelous

Note: There is an exception in the pronunciation for Что and Kонечно . Ч is pronounced like Ш in these two words.

Dialogue (Russian)

В университете:

Юлия: Юрий, здравствуйте! Как Дела?
Юрий (confused): Здравствуйте. Извените, как вас зовут?
Юлия (indignant): Юрий , что ты ?! Меня зовут Юлия!
Юрий (remembering): да, конечно, Юлия! Как Дела?
Юлия (sarcastic): Замечательно!

Dialogue (Translation)

At University:

Yulia: Yuri, Hello! How’s things?
Yuri (confused): Hello. Excuse me, what’s your name (Literally: What do they call you)?
Yulia (indignant): Yuri, what’s with you?! My name is Yulia!
Yuri (remembering): Ahhh, of course! Yulia! How are you?
Yulia (sarcastic): Marvelous.