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A note on word stress

Each Russian word is pronounced with stress on different parts of the word. Where the stress should go is not always predictable so you will need to learn the correct stress when you learn a new word. In some cases stress is the only difference between two words with the same spelling.


Just imagine how mortified you'll be if you accidentally ask your neighbor if you can borrow a little bit of her torture!!!

In dictionaries and Russian language textbooks the stress is usually indicated by an apostrophe above the stressed letters:

However, in actual written Russian the stress in never indicated which means you will need to learn the correct stress by consulting a dictionary or listening to a native speaker. Since we provide audio for the example words you should pay attention to the pronunciation to pick up the proper word stress.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that as a beginner you can afford to just ignore the correct stress. Put a little effort into it and it will become natural with time. I cannot stress enough the importance of stress!!