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Learning the Hanja

Why learn Hanja?
Learning the Hanja takes time. But there are several good reasons to make the investment.

Learn new vocabulary quicker - Do you have a hard time learning new vocab? Since 3/4 of Korean words have Hanja it will help you learn new words, see the relationships between related words and even let you guess the meaning of words you've never seen before that use Hanja you already know. In fact, recently Korea is starting to teach the Hanja earlier to help native speakers learn Hanja-based words.

Understand Korean better - Fifty years ago most Korean was written using a mixture of Hangeul and Hanja and every literate person knew thousands of Hanja. Hanja was abandoned in primary schools in 1971. Now Korean students are supposed to be introduced to 1,800 Hanja over the course of Junior High/High School but many Koreans leave only knowing a few hundred at most. As the foundation for Korean learning Hanja will help you see the connections between words and when the opportunity arrives show off to the native Korean speakers by teaching THEM Hanja they were supposed to learn in Junior High. That's always fun!!
How NOT to learn the Hanja
The Hanja vocabulary here is arranged by frequency. This means you'll get a lot out of learning the first 10 most common words for a given Hanja but you won't get as much out of learning the 90-100th most common words for that Hanja.

So instead of trying to learn all the words for a single Hanja before moving on, try learning just the first 10 words for a bunch of different Hanja. Then you'll start recognizing Hanja pronunciations you already know when you learn new words elsewhere.

Once you've learned the first 10 words for the first 25 Hanja then feel free to explore the rest of the quizzes here as you please.