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Before you begin

We assume you are already familiar with or are learning Hangul, the Korean Alphabet. If not, check out our free Hangul Textbook.

This app contains 750 quizzes:
  • 55 Quizzes - Covering the 550 most common words
  • 275 Quizzes - Arranged by Topic
  • 150 Quizzes - Integrated Korean and Dynamic Korean series
  • 275 Quizzes - Covering the 100 most common Hanja
Beginners, especially those still getting used to reading Hangul, should focus on the most common words since they all include audio.

The Hanja section is more for advanced and upper intermediate students.

In addition to the quizzes there are a few lessons in the Topic/Number chapter explaining how to work with Korean numbers.
All 550 words in the "Quizzes by frequency" have audio. Since these are the most common words they also will appear in some of the Topic, Hanja and Texbook quizzes as well.

Audio for verbs and adjectives includes:
  • The dictionary form
  • The adjectival or conditional form
  • The infinitive
Conjugating Verbs & Adjectives
This app doesn't cover how to conjugate verbs. For that I recommend you visit the TenguGo Homepage and download/print out the "Korean Verbs Cheat Sheet.pdf".

The main thing to know if that Korean Grammar consists of hundreds of conjugation patterns. However they all fall under one of these THREE types:
  1. Constant
  2. Two Shape
  3. Infinitive

For each verb/adjective we give you the conjugation for one of the three conjugation patterns:
  1. Constant - We give the dictionary form
  2. Two Shape - We give either the adjectival or conditional form
  3. Infinitive - We give the polite present form

The other thing you need to know is that there are a bunch of endings that cause irregular conjugation. Once again check out the "Korean Verbs Cheat Sheet.pdf" for details.

We are working on another app, TenguGo Korean 1, which will cover conjugating verbs and a whole lot more. Hoping to have it done in the first half of 2016. If you want to know when it's ready send an email to: korean@tengugo.com requesting a notice once it is available..