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Basic Stroke Order

Basic Stroke Order Rules
The stroke order for Hangul is based on the same general principles as Chinese calligraphy:
  • Left to Right
  • Top to Bottom
This applies to both the individual letters and writing out entire blocks composed of multiple letters.

Here are the most basic examples:

Left to Right: The vowel eu

Top to Bottom: The vowel i

Writing Practice
You can see the stroke order for all the Hangul letters by using the "Animation" tab on the Hangul flashcards. You can see the flashcards either by clicking the letter in the "Charts" section or by choosing "Review Material" in the quizzes in the "Reading Hangul" chapter.

Take some time now with a pen and paper to just go through the letters and practice writing them out a few times each.

As long as you get the hang of the general flow it isn't a big deal if you do a few letters in the wrong order. But if you write everything in the wrong order your writing is going to look funny to native speakers.