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Actual Handwriting

Of course when Koreans actually write they take some shortcuts like everyone else. Here are just a few of the most common ones you'll come across. Just remember everyone's writing is a little different:

Shortcut for the vowel "o"
Instead of using 2 lines people like to simplify this by writing with a single stroke that goes down at the end. This short-cut is very common.

Shortcuts for the consonant "h"
The letter "h" with 2 lines and a circle is the most complex simple vowel to write so people try to simplify it in various ways. Here is one common variation:

There are other, more cursive simplifications for this letter as well.

Shortcuts for Tense Consonants
The tense consonants basically involve writing the same thing twice so of course people want to simplify this when they are writing it themselves. Here are 2 commons shortcuts.

Shortcut for "pp":

Shortcut for "kk":

And of course there are many more. Just ask someone if you come across a letter you can't read.

Good Luck!!