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How to Learn Hangul

First of all, Why learn Hangul? Hangul is the alphabet used to write Korean, the 11th most spoken language on earth and the native language of about 70 million people on the Korean peninsula. What does the word Hangul look like in Hangul?


Now, You may be asking yourself:

"Can I learn Hangul? It looks hard."

As you will learn in the next chapter, "History of Hangul", Hangul was actually designed to be very easy to learn. In fact the original document describing the Hangul letters has this to say:

"A wise man can acquaint himself with them before the morning is over; a stupid man can learn them in the space of ten days"

So, unless you are a total buffoon, the answer is YES!!, you can learn Hangul. Being able to pronounce all the letters correctly is a different story, but being able to read the Korean alphabet is not difficult and if you put a little time into it each day you should be able to read Korean, slowly, within about a week.
How to learn Hangul
In this chapter, Reading Hangul, we will teach you the Hangul letters a few at a time with lessons and quizzes until you've learned them all. Then we will show you how to combine the letters to form Hangul blocks of 2-4 letters. Finally we'll cover some pronunciation rules you need to be aware of.

Once you've learned how to read Hangul, check out Writing Hangul to learn the correct stroke order and arrangement for the letters you already know how to read.

If you work on it a little each day it won't be that hard, trust me!!

Once you've mastered reading the Hangul your next step is to practice reading and build your Vocabulary with Korean Vocabulary Builder which has complete audio for the 550 most common words as well as 750 quizzes organized by frequency, topic, textbook and Hanja.

Korean Vocabulary Builder