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JLPT 1 Quizzes

Do NOT just start with the entire JLPT 1 Kanji Quizzes

There are about 1,000 Kanji in the JLPT Level 1. Way to many to learn at once. We've broken the Kanji up into 10 Groups of 100. Each Group is then broken up into Sub-Groups of about 10 Kanji. This is an appropriate sized chunk of new Kanji to study.

  1. Work your way through each Group
  2. For each Sub-Group start with the Meaning quiz
  3. Then take the Kun-Yomi quiz
  4. Then take the Complete quiz which covers Meaning, Kun-Yomi and On-Yomi.
  5. Once you've passed all the Sub-Group quizzes take the quiz for the entire Group
  6. Move on to the next Group