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How to use TenguGo Kanji

TenguGo Kanji is designed to be useful for both the beginner and the advanced student. But how you use it will be different depending on your level.

TenguGo Kanji consists of:
  • Beginner-level lessons on the Basics of Kanji as well as intermediate/advanced level lessons on On-Yomi reading groups
  • Extensive quizzes arranged by Topic or Difficulty Level
  • A Kanji Dictionary
In addition all quizzes have review flash-cards that let you see basic Kanji information, Kanji vocabulary and Kanji animations.

If you are just starting Kanji
If you are still pretty new to Kanji we recomend you start with the Beginning Kanji chapter. It will teach you all you need to know about how Kanji work as well as the 80 Kanji in the lowest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

After you finish the first chapter you should explore the Quizzes section and learn Kanji for JLPT 4 or some topic that interests you. After you have some more Kanji under your belt try the On-Yomi Group chapter and just keep quizzing yourself.

If you already know some Kanji
If you've already been studying Kanji for a while then feel free to skim or skip the Beginning Kanji chapter. You probably know a lot of it (though it can't hurt to review).

You'll probably be interested in the On-Yomi Group chapter which let's you study groups of Kanji that share a radical and an On-Yomi.

For the most part though you'll be interested in the quizzes which allow you to study Kanji by topic (Animals, Colors, etc..) or by JLPT Level.