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Learning to write Hindi

Hindi is written from left-to-right. Each word is connected by a line running along the top. Each word is separated by a space.

It is important to start practicing your writing skills as soon as you have learned to read. Writing out the words by hand will really help you to remember them later on.

Learning to write letters
The flash cards for the "Reading Hindi" quizzes include an animated stoke diagram for all the letters. Go through each of the quizzes and practice writing out the letters under "Review New Material".

Many of the letters have more than one common stroke order and some even have a couple variations on the basic shape. So don't be surprised if you see other people using different variations from the one used here. And if you see a different way that you like feel free to adopt it yourself.

Learning to write words
After you feel comfortable writing out the individual letters it's time to write out some words. Go to the "Reading Practice" and "Reading Practice 2" lessons and practice writing out the words.

Remember, when writing out a word you first write all the letters without the top line, then you draw one single line across the top to connect the entire word.