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Recommended Resources

Once you finish TenguGo Hindi Alphabet you'll be able to (slowly) read Hindi. Of course that is only the first step in your journey to fluency.

Here are some more resources we recommend as a next step. Of course, like any language, hauling your butt to India and and doing a full blown immersion program as soon as possible is something you should start looking into (I know, life gets in the way). Doing English/Hindi conversation exchanges is another great way to build your fluency and also increase you knowledge of Indian culture.

Of course don't forget to check out TenguGo.com to see what new stuff we're working on.

Elementary Hindi - This book starts of with a quick intro of the Hindi alphabet before moving on to basic vocabulary, grammar and situations. The nice thing about this book is that it comes with MP3 audio on the accompanying CD. I recommend copying out the dialogues in Hindi by hand to make sure you understand them and then listening to the audio version until you feel comfortable reading it out loud.

Pimsleur: Conversational Hindi - This includes 16 thirty-minute conversation lessons. Rip these to your MP3 player and try to do about one a day in the morning and you will see you listening and basic conversation skills increase quickly. For each new lesson keep a vocabulary list of the new words and then study the vocab list for the last 2 lessons before starting a new lesson. It is a little repetitive but that is also what makes it effective.

Pimsleur never explains the grammar (they focus on vocabulary and useful pattern phrases) but as long as you're also working with a book you should be able to figure out what is going on.

Tuttle: Hindi Flashcards - Do you like spending hours making your own flashcards? Then go ahead. However if you don't, as Tom Haverford says "Treat Yo' Self!".These are well designed flashcards representing a good cross section of basic vocabulary for beginners. Each flashcard includes romanization, an example sentence and related words.

Hindi Dictionary - If you're studying Hindi, why not get a dictionary? This is a nicely formatted dictionary that also includes transliteration for beginners. With over 70,000 entries it will definitely get you through your first few years of Hindi.

Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Hindi - The first 7 chapters of this book start off covering the Hindi Alphabet with stroke diagrams and practice drawing paper. The remaining 18 chapters cover basic grammar as well well as useful topics (People, Places, Food & drink, Telling time, etc..). Like other books in the Practice Makes Perfect series the explanations are clear and there are lots of exercises with answers in the back.