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Jeremie Davis
Born in France, raised in the mean streets of Lynn, Massachusetts and educated in Sapporo Japan, Jeremie is the main contributor to TenguGo.

He gives special thanks to Naff Sensei, Ito Sensei, Karim Mouhib, the Arabic Language Institute in Fez , MIT Korean community and the Korean Education Center Chicago for getting him on track.

Rakesh Karda
Rakesh Karda is originaly from Mohali, India but he now lives in Boston,MA.He currently works at Dow Jones as a Sr. Database developer.

Sarah Davitt
Sarah Davitt is a habitually systemic thinker with an eye for creative application and analysis of management scenarios, communication and cross cultural competencies. She will ave received her Masters degree in May 2012 in Intercultural Service Leadership and Management.

She is particularly interested in change management, strategy and its impact on communication, coalition building, capacity enhancement, as well as technological and a physical networks in flux. She has been slowly learning Hindi for several years, and has spent enough time learning the basics, that she has finely honed what the perfect Hindi 101 class would look like. For this reason, she is excited to be a part of the Tenugo Hindi project.

Shivika (Cherry) Mathur
Shivika is a student in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.She likes hoola-hooping and Facebook but especially loves Hindi and India; particularly traditional food and dancing.She wants you to learn Hindi, come to India and dance your brains off while appreciating it's unique culture and amazing cuisine.

Andrea Castonguay
Historian, humanist, and trivia-know-it-all, Andrea Castonguay spends her days toiling for the man and her nights parsing nouns and meditating on lost book cultures. She speaks three languages, can pass a Latin exam, and is working on Arabic, insh'allah.

James McQuoid
Itinerant wordsmith and devoted student of the Japanese and Russian languages. When not reading old church Slavonik or recompiling the Linux kernel Jim can be found delivering important parcels as his alter-ego: McGulliver Bike Courier.

Samurai White
Expert in medical illustrations and rock posters: check out her site at www.samuraiwhite.com .