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Consonant groups 5 and 6

Group 5: siin and shiin
Independent Final Medial Initial

The three dots for shiin are placed over the center "tooth". Like thaa', the three dots in shiin can be replaced with a triangular "hat".

Initial Form Example: siin

Medial Form Example: shiin

Final Form Example: siin

Independent Form Example: shiin

Shortcut: siin and shiin
Very few people actually write out the teeth for siin and shiin. Usually they just write a straight line or, if it is the start of a new line, a small hook followed by a straight line. Here are the forms you are more likely to actually see used.

Initial Form 2 Example: siin

Medial Form 2 Example: shiin

Final Form 2 Example: siin

Independent Form 2 Example: shiin

Example Word: simisim

Group 6: Saad and Daad
Independent Final Medial Initial

The dot for Daad is placed over the main loop.

Initial Form Example: Saad

Medial Form Example: Daad

Final Form Example: Saad

Independent Form Example: Daad