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Recommended Resources

Once you finish TenguGo Arabic Script you'll be able to, slowly, read Arabic. Of course that is only the first step in your journey to fluency.

Here are some more resources we recommend as a next step. Of course, like any language, hauling your butt to an Arabic speaking country and and doing a full blown immersion program as soon as possible is something you should start looking into (I know, life gets in the way). Doing English/Arabic conversation exchanges is another great way to build your fluency and also increase you knowledge of Arabic culture.

Of course don't forget to check out TenguGo.com to see what new stuff we're working on.

TenguGo Arabic 1 - This continues where TenguGo Arabic Script leaves off and teaches you basic vocabulary, grammar reading and conversation.

Built on dialogues with recordings from native speakers this app gently guides you through the intricacies of the Arabic language.

Alif Baa: Introduction to Arabic Letters and Sounds - This is the standard college textbook for learning the Arabic script. It is very thorough and combined with the accompanying DVDs has everything you need to read and pronounce the Arabic script and numbers.

This book is the prequel to the Al-Kitaab series of text books.

Mastering Arabic 1 - This series is more approachable than the Alif Baa/Al Kitaab series. The first book covers the Arabic script as well as basic grammar, vocabulary and conversation. Comes with 2 audio CDs that are great for listening comprehension. I recommend this series for self-study.

The followup Mastering Arabic 2 is also good for self study and great for doing in parallel with the Easy Arabic Reader listed below.

Oxford Arabic Dictionary - Good basic two way Arabic-English dictionary. This one works the same way as a normal dictionary which is good for English to Arabic and good if you know the dictionary form of the Arabic word.

With over 16,000 entries it will definitely help get you through the first couple years of Arabic.

Arabic Verb Tenses - Let's face it, Arabic verbs are hard. And you need a lot of practice in order to make progress with the many irregular verbs that are in common use. This book breaks down all the grammar you need for verbs in a clear format an offers a ton (literally) of exercises to help you internalize them.

The first chapter on Roots is a bit of a slog so skip it if you feel yourself getting stuck.

Al-Kitaab Part One (New Edition) - New edition of the standard college-level Arabic series. The new edition has an accompanying website as well as full coverage of colloquial Egyptian and Levantine Arabic which is nice. The grammar is also introduced in a more rational way.

Doing this series alone without a teacher is much harder than doing the Mastering Arabic series without a teacher.
The Hans Wehr Arabic-English Root Dictionary - A must have for anyone serious about learning Arabic. Lets you look up Arabic words using their Root Letters. This is the system used by native Arabic dictionaries and is good if you need to look up a word but don't know the dictionary form. Also good for getting a sense of how different words with the same root are related.

This is often referred to as "The bible" by Arabic students.
Easy Arabic Reader - This is an easy reader but it definitely starts out at the intermediate level and gets progressively more advanced. Each text has a glossary for some of the more advanced words and reading comprehension questions. Start out with a series of texts about of a family living in California, then a series of mini-bibliographies and finally a modern retelling of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

Audio for all the readings is available online.