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How to learn the Arabic script

When the Arabic script is taught to adults, usually they learn to both read and write a couple letters at a time.

The approach we've taken here is to break things up into small units that can be learned on the go. This means we've separated reading and writing into different chapters, however if you still want to learn to read and write the letters at the same time you can.

Reading then writing
If you want to learn how to read all the Arabic letters first and then learn how to write them just go through all the lessons in "Reading Arabic" and then start "Writing Arabic". You'll find that with reading already under your belt, writing will come pretty easily.

Reading and writing
Each lesson that covers how to read a group of letters has a corresponding lesson on how to write them. If you want to learn both reading and writing at the same time, read the lesson in "Reading Arabic" then read the corresponding lesson in "Writing Arabic".

Next Steps
Of course learning to read the Alphabet is only the first step in learning Arabic. Once you can read Arabic you'll want our next App: TenguGo Arabic 1 .
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And remember, like any language, conversation practice with a native speaker is key to gaining fluency in Arabic.