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Consonant groups 7 and 8

We will now cover two more pairs of letters. All of these letters are connecting.

3ayn - ع
The letter 3ayn is not like any in English. In fact many beginners have trouble distinguishing it at all. It is made by constricting the throat and forcing out air. Imagine you have a gumball stuck in your throat and you are trying to force it out:

Transliteration: 3 (3 is the standard way of transliterating 3ayn in Arabic text messages since it looks like the letter backwards)

Writing: Note that the medial position is a loop.

Independent Final Medial Initial

Example 1: taa + siin + 3ayn + TM

Nine - tis3a

Here we start with taa in initial form with a kasrah below giving us 'ti'. Then we have a siin in medial form with no diacritics giving us 'tis'. Then an 3ayn in medial form, also with no diacritics. However since the last letter is a taaʾ marbuuTah we know that the preceding letter must have a short 'a' sound so the result is 'tis3a'.

ghayn - غ
The letter ghayn is pronounced like a guttural French R, unlike raa which was pronounced like a Spanish rolled R. Making the sound for ghayn is a little bit like gargling.

Transliteration: gh

Writing: ghayn is written just like 3ayn except with a dot above it.

Independent Final Medial Initial

Taa - ط
The letter Taa is the emphatic pair for taa:

Transliteration: T

Independent Final Medial Initial

Example 2: waa + siin + 'Taa

Middle - wasaT

Here we start with waa and fatHa to give us 'wa'. waa is non-connecting so the next letter is siin in initial form, also with a fatHa, giging us 'wasa'. Finally we have Taa in final form to give us 'wasaT'.

DHaa - ظ
The letter DHaa is the emphatic pair for dhaal:

Transliteration: DH

Writing: DHaa is written just like Taa except with a dot above it.

Independent Final Medial Initial