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Jeremie Davis
Born in France, raised in the mean streets of Lynn, Massachusetts and educated in Sapporo Japan, Jeremie is the main contributor to TenguGo.

He gives special thanks to Naff Sensei, Ito Sensei, Karim Mouhib, the Arabic Language Institute in Fez , MIT Korean community and the Korean Education Center Chicago for getting him on track.

Tahir Albakaa
Tahir Albakaa is an Iraqi historian who received his Master's degree and Ph.D in Modern History from Baghdad University.

Tahir worked at Al-Mustansiriya University from 1983 to 2003 and is the former President of the University. Tahir was the Minister of Higher Education from 2004 to 2005, a member of the Iraqi National Assembly in 2005, and a member of the Iraqi Constitution Writing Committee.

He teaches at Suffolk University and has published six books and sixty-five papers.

Andrea Castonguay
Historian, humanist, and trivia-know-it-all, Andrea Castonguay spends her days toiling for the man and her nights parsing nouns and meditating on lost book cultures. She speaks three languages, can pass a Latin exam, and is working on Arabic, insh'allah.

James McQuoid
Itinerant wordsmith and devoted student of the Japanese and Russian languages. When not reading old church Slavonik or recompiling the Linux kernel Jim can be found delivering important parcels as his alter-ego: McGulliver Bike Courier.

Bassam Kurdali
Bassam Kurdali is the director of Elephants Dream, the first open movie made within the Blender community. He is currently working on Tube , another short film made in Blender.

Samurai White
Expert in medical illustrations and rock posters: check out her site at www.samuraiwhite.com .