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Lesson 13b: The Future Tense

Lesson 13, Part A:
  • Intro
  • Dialogue
Lesson 13, Part B:
The Future Tense
Congratulations! If you know how to conjugate the present tense you pretty much already know how to do the future tense. All you need to do is place either the word "sawfa" or the prefix "sa" before the present tense.

Future with sawfa
"sawfa" is a separate word that is written before the regular present tense conjugation of the verb.

We will go to the restaurant
sawfa nathhab ilaa al-maT3am
سَوفَ نَذهَب إلى المَطعَم

Future with sa
"sa" is a prefix so it is attached to the present tense form of the verb.

We will go to the restaurant
sanadhhab ilaa al-maT3am
ﺳَنَذهَب إلى المَطعَم

In Egyptian and Levantine colloquial "ha" is used instead of "sa".

We will go to the restaurant
hanadhhab ilaa al-maT3am
ﻫَنَذهَب إلى المَطعَم

Future Tense Usage
Now let's take a look at some short dialogues. Read the question and the possible answers. Try to understand the answers, and only use the dictionary if you are really stuck. Then, try to give your own answer to the question. If you have a language or study partner, or if you attend a conversation group, memorize the questions so that you can ask them the next chance you get! Don't forget to add an -een to the end of the verb if you are asking these questions to a woman.

If you do get stuck Google Translate is a convenient way to look up words or entire phrases.

ماذا ستفعل في عطلة نهاية الاسبوع هذه؟

What will you do this weekend?
سأذهب الى السينما

سأغسل سيارتي

سأطبخ الكسكس
ماذا ستفعل في هذا الصيف؟

What will you do this summer?
سأذهب الى بارس

سأدرس اللغة العربية في جامعة الأردن

سأركب الدراجة كل يوم مع صديقي
ماذا ستفعل عندما تتكلم اللغة العربية تماماً؟

What will you do when you speak Arabic perfectly?
سوف أكتب كتاباً باللغة العربية

سوف أدرس التريخ في جامعة الأردن

سوف أعمل مهندساً في مدينة دُبي